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DARMMESS Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2022 Harvest

DARMMESS Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2022 Harvest

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Discover the Delight of DARMMESS Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil – A Taste of Lebanon's Finest

Welcome to the world of DARMMESS Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a renowned gem among the best olive oils globally. Embrace the exquisite flavors and unique essence that come from our commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability, making it a conscious choice for any discerning food enthusiast.

Grown exclusively in Deir Mimas Millennial Groves, our 100% Souri olives produce a first cold-extracted oil that has earned 8 prestigious international awards. The freshness, green aromas, and harmonious flavor will satisfy even the most refined palates. Its purity and potency shine through with high polyphenol levels (382 mg/kg) and low acidity (0.15%), ensuring an unmatched culinary experience. Elevate your dishes with DARMMESS – the epitome of excellence.

A Trusted Choice: With an impressive collection of 8 international awards, our olive oil is a testament to the unrivaled quality and excellence we maintain. Experience the difference of traceable and transparent olive oil with DARMMESS.

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